Breakfast Tost-Izza
July 9, 2016
Café Sambal Turkey Hash, Poached Eggs And Chipotle Hollandaise Sauce
July 9, 2016

Buffalo Style Chicken And Egg Panini


2 oz. Butter, melted
2 oz. TABASCO® brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce
16 ea. Eggs
16 ea. Multi-grained bread slices
8 ea. Fried chicken fillet, 3 oz.


1. Mix melted butter and TABASCO® Buffalo Style Hot Sauce together.
2. Scramble eggs in saucepan.
3. Place chicken fillet on one slice of bread and top with eggs and sauce mixture.
4. Place other slice of bread on top and press on panini machine until the bread is toasted and the sandwich is hot.
-Yield: 8 ea.-

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